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Wife in high asset divorce released from jail

Marriage and divorce can sometimes bring out the worst in a couple under certain circumstances. In a situation that involves a high asset divorce, the separating partners may be tempted to try and claim more of the resources than they may have a legal right to claim. One such divorce is not being played out in Texas, but it may be helpful for other couples that are navigating through a similar asset division scenario.

One wife who is in the process of divorcing her husband, has been accused of stealing millions of her soon to be ex-husband's money. The woman was arrested and charged with the theft and she spent a little more than a week in a New York jail. She has agreed to return a majority the money and she has further claimed that she will cooperate in the rest of the process. Attorneys for both parties also are reported to have worked out a settlement that they could both agree on.

Reports of one spouse being arrested in connection to a divorce are said to be an unusual occurrence. However, the wife in this case has been alleged to have not been a cooperative participant. The parties share four children, two of whom are still underage, and they also have property that may be subject to division. The wife is now reportedly going to have a several million dollar share from the divorce settlement. Their separation has taken over 30 months, as there have been other allegations that the wife had lodged against her husband.

While this divorce may have been longer and more acrimonious than most, the majority of high asset divorce cases probably would not result in one partner going to jail. Couples in Texas that may be seeking a divorce that involves high value assets and property can find information that may be able to help them. There are resources available that could possibly aid these couples in obtaining the best solutions for their particular needs and family situations.

Source:, "Wife in divorce let out of jail after taking off with millions," July 24, 2013


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